Commissioner Onboarding

All Scouters new to the Commissioner Service, or who are changing their Commissioner role (e.g., changing from a Unit Commissioner to an Assistant District Commissioner), need to complete some steps to ensure that they are best serving their units. Click on the appropriate box below to download the onboarding record for your new Commissioner. This will help you get them effectively embarked on their new position and get them started on working toward their Arrowhead Honor Award.

A commissioner is considered trained when they complete the prescribed online training or the facilitated in-person training for their position, and when they complete the defined onboarding requirements outlined in the Onboarding Progress Record appropriate for their position. The person who appoints a new commissioner should help ensure that the onboarding process is completed.

In the case of a newly appointed Unit or Roundtable Commissioner, the onboarding may be directed by the District Commissioner with whom the new commissioner will be serving. It could also be another experienced Unit Commissioner or Roundtable Commissioner appointed by the District Commissioner. Ideally, in the case of a new Assistant District Commissioner, the District Commissioner should guide the onboarding process. However, the District Commissioner might choose to appoint another experienced Assistant District Commissioner help the new Commissioner through the onboarding process.

District Commissioners are nominated by the district nominating committee and approved by the Council Executive Board, with the concurrence of the Council Commissioner. In this instance, the Council Commissioner designates who will coach the new District Commissioner through the onboarding, or the Council Commissioner can oversee the onboarding. Assistant Council Commissioners should be onboarded by the Council Commissioner or by another Assistant Council Commissioner appointed by the Council Commissioner.

Council Commissioners can have the assistance of the Council Scout Executive directing them through the onboarding process. Alternatively, the Territory Commissioner can serve as the guide or appoint a different onboarding guide.

Download the appropriate onboarding packages by clicking on the appropriate images below.