Eagle Scouts

NESA Chapter

National Eagle Scout Association, Indian Waters Council Chapter

The purpose of this group is to gather all Eagle Scouts in the Council into one forum for communication of events including Eagle Court of Honors, camporees, training & education, news, and anything else that would involve Eagle Scouts. To be straight forward, the aim & goal of this group is to keep Eagle Scouts active in the Council Scouting through volunteer efforts. Once an Eagle, always an Eagle. This group is not affiliated with or approved by the Boy Scouts of America or the National Eagle Scouts Association as well you do not need a membership in NESA to be part of this group, you do however need to be an Eagle Scout. I highly encourage you to enroll in NESA membership.

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Council Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Scholarship

At each Council Banquet the NESA Committee will award one $250 scholarship to be used for college, trade school, or apprentice program.  Applicants must submit the same year of the Eagle Board of Review.  

NESA Scholarships

Education is a valuable tool for a young man regardless of what kind of career he chooses. Yet, finances can be a big hurdle in attaining the necessary knowledge for one’s future vocation.

Fortunately, NESA assists Eagle Scouts with their educational pursuits whether it be at a four-year university, vocational trade school or field study opportunities.

If you are an Eagle Scout and you are looking for funds for post-secondary education, you have come to the right place.

Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award

The National Eagle Scout Association established the Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award (ESSPY) to recognize valuable service of an exceptional nature by an Eagle Scout candidate to a religious institution, a school, community or other entity through completion of an Eagle Scout project.

Distinguished Eagle Scout Award

The Distinguished Eagle Scout Award (DESA) is a distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). It is awarded to an Eagle Scout for distinguished service in his profession and to his community for a period of at least 25 years after attaining the level of Eagle Scout.

  • 1980 – Frances Herndon
  • 1980 – George Fant
  • 1985 – James Leventis
  • 1999 – Stanhope Spears
  • 2014 – Charles Bradley Hutto
  • 1999 – J. Bruce Barragan
  • 2000 – W. Henry Johnson, Jr
  • 2001 – C. Edward Floyd, M.D.

NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award

The NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout Award (NOESA) was established during the BSA’s 100th Anniversary in 2010 with the first recipient to receive the award a year later. The award was created to recognize notable Eagle Scouts who had either performed distinguished service at the local, state, or regional level or who were known nationally, but had not yet met the 25-year tenure as an Eagle for the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award. Often, worthy candidates for the NOESA have inspired others through their actions and have devoted a lifetime to their profession, avocation, community, and beliefs, at great sacrifice to themselves and their families.


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