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The Chinquapin District covers Lexington and Saluda Counties and Lexington School Districts 1, 2, 3 & 4

Normally, our District Committee (6:00 pm) and District Roundtable (7:00 pm) meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  We will hold these around the district at various locations. Please check below and on our calendar for each location.

Please scroll down for meeting info and other District Events from our District Calendar. Our plans are fluctuating as COVID dictates.

District Pack and Troop Listing

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Council Events

District Events

District Kickoff Packet

Click Here to download flyers from the July 23 Kickoff materials.  The entire presentation, all flyers zipped as one file and each flyer individually are available here.

Scouting At Home

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Digital Safety and Online Scouting


You’ll find information you can use right now to stay active in scouting at home.

District Committee

District Chair

Chip Payne

District Commissioner

Michael Hiller

Advancement Chair

Scott Stewart

Camping Chair

Kim Pinckney

RT Chair


Membership Chair

Jerusha Keisler

Program Chair
Trae Mann
Training Chair
Daniel Altis
Field Director

Scott Hagler


Allie Avila
Drew Brown
Phillip Chester
Todd Elrod
Lisa Gulledge
Jason Millman
Joshua Prevette
Mark Ridley
Tyler Scott
Laurie Stokes
Jeanne Stewart
Tom Wirzburger


OA Chapter – Tschitanek Woakus

Troy Bostick – Adviser
Michael Hiller – Associate Adviser
Kim Pinckney – Associate Adviser
Brooks Prevette – Associate Adviser

Joshua Ridley – Chapter Chief

Open Positions

Friends of Scouting Chair
Popcorn Kernel

RT Chair

Current News and Roundtable Info

Next RT:  April 13, 2023 | 7pm
T-425 | Zion Lutheran
226 Corley Mill Rd., Lexington
Current and Upcoming Events: