Memorials & In Honor Of
We offer our condolences to the families of those Scouters who have passed away.

In Memory of Arthur B. Langley II
from Mrs Arlen Cotter

In Memory of Arthur B. Langley II
from Mr & Mrs J Emory Smith Jr
from Helen S Mills
from Mr & Mrs W B Walkup
from Carolinas Partners & Staff, Grant Thornton LLP
from Lynn Luce
from Jack Moorman
​from Fidelity
from Katherine & Bill Seabrook
from Susan E Elder
from Sally & Jim Kitchens
from Robert & Jane Davidson
from Carolyn J Weathers
from John & Margaret Wright

In Memory of Eric Kendall McKee
from J Smith Harrison Jr
In Memory of Michael Dean Harding
from Kevin & Noelle Redd
In Memory of David Ellison III
from Rebecca Fouche
from George Wolfe
from William Davis
from John Gay
from Angela Kirby
from Dr Robert Crooks Jr
from Bill Stiefel Jr
from Carol Black
In Memory of Dr Joseph H Miller
from Sally & Jim Kitchens
In Memory of Marshall Henry Parks
from the Card Family
In Memory of Chip Amaker
from Bennett Family
from Ed & Lauren Rachwal
from Ashley Brodkin
​from Mr & Mrs Doug Schultz
from Gregory Electric Inc
from Mr & Mrs Charles Potok
from Scottie & Danny Trapp
from Robinson Gray Stepp & Laffitte LLC
from Curt & Donna Rone
from staff Bauknight Pietras & Stormer PA
from Mr & Mrs Julian Hennig III
from J. Smith Harrison Jr
from Joseph Wilczewski
from Judge Joseph F Anderson Jr
from Page Morris
from John A Gay
from Mr & Mrs Robert Baldwin
from Gregory D Blake
from Mr & Mrs Robert E Williams Jr
from Gail L Morrison
from Dianne Chinnes
from Gateway Supply Company Inc
from Dana E Edgar
from Kevin & Delia Corrigan
from Bradley Anderson
from Brad Hutto & Tracy Macpherson
from Wade Sparks
from Mr & Mrs Jim Robinson
from Mr & Mrs Tyler Baldwin Jr
from Mr & Mrs James Robert Brennan
from Elizabeth Busbee
​from Myles & Alison Davis
from Jack L Brimm
from Frank & Karen Gavigan
from Friends at BB&T
In Memory of David Ellison
from Dr & Mrs Bill Cain Jr

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